The Fateful Text

Things were jogging along nicely for Lexi, a 50-year-old holistic fitness instructor, until her safe little world turned upside down when she fatefully opens a text message from her husband that was clearly intended for his lover. Her husband, Nathan is a successful businessman who is used to getting his own way and tries to manipulate her into simply ‘letting it go’ and getting back to normal but Lexi has other ideas.

In her bid not to be manipulated by Nathan, she takes herself away to think things through and by chance meets a man who is in the country on business. His name is Conrad. He’s a high-flying, workaholic, businessman from the states; he’s instantly intrigued by her and engineers another chance meeting, which results in a friendship blossoming between them.

Despite Lexi’s husband’s attempts to get her to return home, Lexi and Conrad end up spending an amazing weekend together and in that time their friendship escalates into the deepest connection of mind, body and spirit. The two of them fall so deeply for each other that by the end of the weekend Lexi is faced with the decision of whether to go home and try to save her marriage or to continue her relationship with this man whom she now feels, could well be her true soul-mate.